Watches I’m Loving

Nat is going to New York at the end of the month so I’ve been racking my brains trying to come up with a shopping list for her from me! Top of the list is a new watch.






This is my current watch collection. It’s a mix of mostly vintage + fakes…I’ve learnt that even though fake may be cheaper it is actually a waste of money in the long term. No surprise there! The fakes just stop working and the vintage ones just seem to fall apart! I’ve had to glue back the buckles on 3 already, but that’s inevitable if you wear your dad’s old watch from the 90s (the brown Seiko leather strap one). So I would like to treat myself to a nice watch if I may! I’ve been watch shopping online, looking at UK sites and these are my favourites…


olivia burton

Olivia Burton Chonograph Detail Watch| John Lewis| £105


Swatch White Character| £44.50


kate real

Kate Spade New York ‘Metro Patchwork’| Nordstrom| £116.23



Kenneth Cole Skeleton Automatic Watch| Watch Shop| £123



Skagen Klassik Gold Face Watch| ASOS| £99


I decided I really liked the Kenneth Cole Skeleton watch and even though Kenneth Cole is from New Yoiiirk I don’t think I’ll be getting Nat to buy me a watch for the sake of a £5 saving. I still don’t know if Kenneth Cole is the one…as I’d like to have a look in some London boutiques to see if I find a similar watch but in brown leather with a more vintage feel. I’ll make sure I find it just in time for Christmas! What do you think of the watches?

My Shorts Are Bigger Than Yours











IMAG1175  H&M Crochet Camisole | Vintage Knee Length Shorts | Topshop Gladiator Sandals


Summer is apparently on its last legs so I decided to choose the items in my wardrobe that will soon be going into storage. I bought this H&M crochet style camisole top at the start of the season and it is such a handy staple! The length means that I can wear it to work with high waisted bottoms as my midriff isn’t hanging out, and the detailing of the crochet layer is great for smartening up an outfit.


Don’t you just love these red knee-length shorts?! They used to belong to my mum’s friend who is half my size…I’m intrigued as they must have been trousers on her! Can’t believe this time last year it was already snowing??!! My friend was reminiscing about last year’s fashion week saying how she was queuing up in the snow to get in… that’s why I love Engerrrland! Fingers crossed for an Indian Summer…

Casual Fridays

So most of what I’m wearing doesn’t belong to me. You must think I’m a massive pikey. Well I’m not. My mum’s a carer and she got given some clothes from one of the old men she was looking after. FYI – HE’S NOT DEAD. So one of the things in the bag was this lovely big jumper.

I just wanted to be cosy and comfortable today, so this jumper fits the bill perfectly. My hair was being a big frizzy shit ball this morning so I’ve tied one of his handkerchiefs round my head to hold it back.

The jeggings are MINE (you’ll be pleased to know) and so are my Superga trainers/pumps whatever you want to call them. Socks belong to my boyfriend who is starting to moan about my ‘borrowing’ haha!

Have a good Friday whatever you get up to! I’m excited about my sofa.