Red Superga

Good Friday to you! Hope you are getting your bellies ready for the chocolate fest that will be Sunday!

I am super excited to feel sick. I am going to eat Malteaser bunnies, Mini Eggs and Lindt Eggs to my heart’s content. And of course the lovely bakes Natalie will be arranging!

We’re in Scotland this weekend with dad’s side of the fam…but thought I’d share some outfits with you seeing as it’s Friday.


So thought I’d round up two outfits wearing my red Superga. As you can see this is the toilet at my work…very nice. I always take these pictures really quickly before someone comes in so they don’t think I’m a FREAK! (Most people already do think that anyway…)

I’ll normally wear trainers on a Friday as it’s ‘Dress down Friday’ and just try and be as comfortable as possible! I would say red trainers are definitely a must. I really like a red converse as well…but there’s nothing wrong with just buying some pumps from Primark or H&M for the same effect.


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Changing Rooms

I apologise for the cringing mess this blog might turn out to be. I guess it’s a good time to start as I have just moved rooms and had a massive clearout of the old guff I was hoarding in my wardrobe. My sister recently moved out so I’ve moved up to what was her room in the attic, which also used to be my room before going to Uni. Since I moved back from London last year I was sleeping in my old old room which only has space for a double bed and a chest of drawers. I luckily had a ‘walk in wardrobe’ in another spare room to fit all my clothes. This is what it looked like ‘before’ – also see if you can spot the dog in the visual noise… 



And ‘after’…this is my new wardrobe that my sister left. I like how I can see everything at the same time, make outfits up in my head quicker! I can see what pile is low – what I need to buy more of…I’ve organised work appropriate clothes on the left rail and party/weekend clothes on the right. I am lucky that I can wear just about anything to work; I do like to dress smart and use up the clothes that I’m not so keen on. I hate wasting clothes.



Now that my sister has gone :( this is my way of showing her what I’m wearing each day. I used to give her ideas and tips on how to wear the clothes she was neglecting or unsure how to style. It will also be a nice way to share this with others that also feel like they want some styling ideas.  The blog is mainly to show how I shop, where I shop (giving away some gems begrudgingly), my attitude towards style and how I create outfits. Hopefully I can inspire anyone that’s interested – you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good. I am a charity shop whore.

So this is what I wore to work today. I’m wearing my hair with a massive side parting because my forehead has got really spotty recently and this is my way of covering it up! I’m not wearing any makeup to let my skin breathe a bit…my hair is naturally very curly but the recent weather has not been kind to it and made it very frizzy and limp – all in all BAD time of month looks wise for me! The bun (I like to think) is a sophisticated way of hiding my pube head – yes I did have this nickname growing up.

I recently got back from Turkey so I want to show off my brown legs! This skirt is from New Look in electric blue, £6 in the sale! – I notice H&M are also pushing this colour forward for summer…



If you’re thinking of buying something new for your summer wardrobe it’s definitely worth buying something in this colour as you can wear it this season and carry it on to the winter (depending on what it is obviously)…I’ll definitely be wearing this skirt with tights. My long sleeved crop top and white loafers are from Topshop. The necklace was my sister’s (MINE NOW! haha) and my watch is an old Seiko of my dad’s that is also now MINE.

Thanks daddeee. Does anyone else wear their dad’s old clothes/accessories?

I think I took this a step too far when I was 10…