Curly Hair Problems – Inspiration

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Following on from my previous posts about How to take care of curly hair, and How to style curly hair, thought I’d do one last post with inspiration of different curly hair styles.

Whenever my curls are giving me trouble or the hair straighteners look tempting, I get on pinterest and google images and have a browse through curly hair styles. So as inspiration and to celebrate the natural curl here are some of my favourites…


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Thought of the Week



It’s like the final thought of the Jerry Springer show – we have thought of the week! I thought this was appropriate as it’s exactly what me and my friend Hannah were talking about last night.


We are so lucky to live somewhere where there is no conflict, where women have rights and the choices to be independent. Don’t waste your energy dwelling on what you don’t have but beĀ gratefulĀ for what you do have, and make the most of it!


“Take care of yourself, and each other.” Jerry Springer