Back in the Zone

Before the Summer I was eating well and doing lots of exercise to get my dream body and also to just generally take care of myself. Once the Summer arrived with various trips abroad and general life taking over I slipped back into old habits. Soon enough the cellulite started to reappear on my thighs, and I started to feel sluggish in the afternoons, and just generally blurgh. So last week I decided to get back on track with my healthier lifestyle, and the first thing I did was start a food diary again.


When I keep a food diary it helps me see what exactly I ate and drank that week, identify any patterns, and anywhere I can improve my choice of food or subsitute with a healthier option. What I’ve found from last week is that I’m still going for food high in sugar, although as I was keeping a diary I went for more natural fruit options rather than refined sugars. I also ate quite a lot of chocolate, and looking at the times I ate it was when I was bored! So this week, I’m aiming for more lean protein and less sugary foods.


I’ve also added something new to my diet, chia seeds. These little seeds may be teeny tiny, but they are so full of good stuff I thought they’d be worth a try. You can get them in whole seed form or milled. They’re so small they do get stuck in your teeth, so when the bag I have runs out I may buy the milled version. I add a table spoon to my muesli pot in the mornings or to soup or smoothies.


Muesli, natural yogurt, banana, cinnamon and chia seeds
Muesli, natural yogurt, banana, cinnamon and chia seeds


Chia seed key health benefits:

1.      More vitamin C than an orange

2.      Rich in antioxidants

3.      High in Omega 3

4.      Great source of protein and fiber


Before falling over in circuit training
Before falling over in circuit training


I also went back to circuit training for the first time in ages last week. I got a bit too carried away though and fell flat on my face during the sprinting! Luckily everyone else had run off ahead of me so they didn’t see me eat the grass!


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