When you should eat to maintain a healthy weight

When you’re trying to be healthy it’s really hard to know what to eat and when. I’m pretty much always hungry, and get remarks at work for the fact that I always have something in my mouth! You can lose weight by just completely restricting what you eat, spaced out 3 times a day and exercising it off. But realistically it’s not a long term solution is it!? It is well known that fad diets and restricting what you eat will only cause you to put the weight back on (even more than you weighed before) after you start eating normally again.



Through our human evolution, our bodies have been programmed to store food if it experiences long periods of starvation: Starvation mode. When we were hunter gatherers expending lots of energy and not knowing when the next meal was coming in, our bodies needed to store as much energy as possible for the next time there was no catch. So if you miss breakfast, when you eat your lunch your body will think ‘oh my god I must store this asap in case this happens again’.



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Bank Holiday in Pictures

This weekend in the UK was a bank holiday so we had the Monday off work. I started off the weekend with no plans for Sunday and Monday, but ended up with a long weekend full of friends, laughs and sunshine!


Here is my weekend in pictures…




Chocolate Afternoon Tea at Hotel Rafayel

You wouldn’t think it from the entrance, but it’s a lovely hotel right on the river, with really friendly staff, and delicious cocktails and hot chocolates.


Afternoon tea with a view


Time for tea


Cake, warm scones, chocolate fondue


Chocolate fondue


Tropical chocolate martini anyone?


We left the hotel with our bellies full of chocolate goodness and headed straight to the Nike store in Oxford Circus to get some new gym kit to work it off next week!


Saturday night I then went on to visit a friend in her new home! I took a bottle or two round to celebrate. Her home is absolutely beautiful with a modern cottage feel. I’ll have to write up a post, will check with her first before I go taking pictures of her house! We spent the night in the kitchen doing what we do best…gossiping and drinking…


A celebration must have! Harvey Nichols Champagne
I only have a kitchen because it came with the house!

I spent the night on the new sofa, which was very comfy indeed and then spent Sunday at home doing some cleaning and tidying. After an afternoon walk in the sunshine with Lola and a nap I headed into London with some friends for dinner. We were all quite hungry so decided to go to the Brazilian churrascaria in Fulham called Rodizio Rico. How it works is you pay per head and then there is an all you can eat buffet of warm sides and salad, and then they bring round Brazilian meats which have been barbecued Brazilian style! My tip is to avoid eating too many carbs and save room for the meat! I managed to get through quite a few chicken hearts…

Barbecued chicken hearts


We woke up Monday to a warm sunny day perfect for a BBQ! So we ended the bank holiday the perfect way in the garden in the sunshine with good food and in good company.


Barbecued chicken satay


Eton mess made by the lovely Min – check out her blog minsworld

Exploring the Deliciousness of Insects

So Natalie, Henry and I went to the Wellcome Trust in Euston on Wednesday to eat insects! As well as wanting to try out a new gastronomic experience, we were all curious to find out more about the potential food crisis and how insects could be the solution. The night was part of a partnership between Pestival and Wellcome, part of ‘Who’s the pest?’ series. Pestival is a cultural organisation investigating our relationship with insects and the natural world.


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Shopping on Oxford Street can work up quite an appetite. When I think of places to eat in that area I am always stuck because you either have go for something quick and cheap (plus unhealthy) i.e. McDonald’s, or quick and/or healthy and relatively expensive. Cafes like Pret a Manger and Starbucks can be tasty but a sandwich and crisps won’t put me in good stead for an energy draining shopping trip. Wasabi offers some sushi and hot food but again it’s either unhealthy and full of oil and sugar (the hot food), or you end up spending a fortune on sushi, which is a bit of a tease. Sometimes it’s just nice to get a reasonable portion of food and a nice seat in a restaurant. Carnaby Street has some nice pubs and restaurants, but most of them are overpriced. Then you have your usual suspects on the side streets like Pizza Express and ASK but they’re not quick. I love a bit of Nando’s but I have that all the time so it’s nice to go somewhere different when you’re in London (if you don’t live in London).

 What I wore shopping: Stripey jacket, Charity Shop Vest top, Triton | High-waisted chinos, American Apparel Espadrilles, Oxfam

I used to walk down Great Portland Street quite a lot when I was living in halls and used to go past this place called Vapiano. I never really understood what it was. From the name on the outside I assumed it was a jazz bar or piano school. WRONG. How wrong I was. I was shopping the other day with a friend and suggested we come here after I had been told by my sister it was actually a really nice restaurant. How right she was. First of all, it has a completely different set up. You are given a card as you walk in. There are no waiters, so this acts like a tab. You have to go up and order your drinks from the bar and food from the pasta or pizza stands. The bar has a good range of drinks, even 3 types of draught beer (good for the boyfriend or if you like beer!). The pasta menu is organised into 4 price ranges A – D, starting at £6.75 for Group A going up to £9.75 in Group D. You get to choose out of 11 types of pasta, which are all made fresh on site (you can watch it being made while you wait).

 Queuing system 

Once you’ve chosen what pasta and sauce you want, you choose a queue where there are chefs waiting for you (in the above photo). After you order it then gets cooked in front of you and takes around 10 minutes. Quick, cheap and healthy. The same idea goes for the pizza, apart from you don’t get to choose a base or anything like that, and it can be a longer wait. Obviously you just choose your topping out of the 4 price ranges. There is also a menu for antipasti and dessert but I didn’t get any so I can’t really say what it’s like. I can safely say the pasta and pizza are a-ma-zing (my friend got a pizza). So I’m sure it’s the same for everything. I went for the Granchi di Fiume pasta: Crayfish, fresh vegetables and lobster sauce from Group D.  Was quick, delicious and fresh. Need I say more?

Granchi di Fiume pasta washed down with some Magners. Yumitiyum. 

I love the decor. It really does complement the style of the food. It’s like a modern, sophisticated cafeteria. You have your own fresh herb selection if you wish to add a few more flavours to your meal. As it is a quick self-service arrangement, there are no bookings and the seating is mostly communal. I’m going to stop here as I am getting very hungry talking about this place and my stomach is screaming at me to go back. Where do you like to eat if you’re in this neck of the woods?