I’m embarrassed it has been nearly a month since I last posted. Excuses excuses excuses – here are mine: I went on holiday to Spain for a week and a half (it takes a few days to get settled back in), I got very busy at work (someone left so I got given some of her responsibilities) then I got ill for a few days…I’ve been busy on the weekends for friend’s birthdays, a university reunion and spending a night double dating in Southend. IT ALL ADDS UP!! I’m not exactly the best at keeping record of these outings. I feel like a pleb taking lots of pictures and posing for the camera but it’s something I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get used to!!!



Let’s rewind to August bank holiday weekend…I was in London for a friend’s birthday and Nottinghill carnival – which was fabulosoo the drum and bass soundsystem was sick!! (Yes I do talk like a hood rat in real life) I bought some Superga trainers that weekend from their Covent Garden store. £45 – it’s quite expensive and know I could find a cheaper pair online, but I couldnt wait! I needed them for Nottinghill. I couldnt wear my woven leather pumps as they would have got murkled. I have wanted a pair of Superga for a while now. I was just going to buy a £2.50 pair of white pumps from Primark but even the size 8 was too small! The thin sole would have worn down a hole in no time anyway. I’ve had to throw away 2 pairs of Bensimon pumps because they had holes in. Not too happy about it considering they are supposed to be really expensive (I worked in a shoe shop that had them in the sale so I got them super cheap).


Bensimon | £46.90


That’s the reasoning behind my black Vans I bought years ago. Thick soles you can trust. I still LOVE Vans but it makes me feel sick seeing the amount of people that have them now. They have gone viral!!! Its understandable as they look good, are comfortable and good quality. But SO COMMON. Eurgh. So Superga are less common, and still comfortable. I’m yet to see how their quality matches up. My boyfriend ended up getting a pair in a different style for £20 in the sale!! Jeaaalous. Here are some photos from the bank holiday weekend and some with me and my Superga.


  Not bad after carnival!



Sad but true, we are a Superga couple.


My clothes are charity shop bought, bag is Primark and my necklace is from  Nottinghill Carnival




Shirt, Charity Shop | Sweater, Ralph Lauren | Tapered trousers, Topshop | Bag, Primark 


Breakfast and Ping-Pong at Del’ Aziz in Bermondsey…

 Not happy with a camera in front of my face!



Nottinghill Carnival




Henry and I are going to be like that old couple when we grow up