Red Superga

Good Friday to you! Hope you are getting your bellies ready for the chocolate fest that will be Sunday!

I am super excited to feel sick. I am going to eat Malteaser bunnies, Mini Eggs and Lindt Eggs to my heart’s content. And of course the lovely bakes Natalie will be arranging!

We’re in Scotland this weekend with dad’s side of the fam…but thought I’d share some outfits with you seeing as it’s Friday.


So thought I’d round up two outfits wearing my red Superga. As you can see this is the toilet at my work…very nice. I always take these pictures really quickly before someone comes in so they don’t think I’m a FREAK! (Most people already do think that anyway…)

I’ll normally wear trainers on a Friday as it’s ‘Dress down Friday’ and just try and be as comfortable as possible! I would say red trainers are definitely a must. I really like a red converse as well…but there’s nothing wrong with just buying some pumps from Primark or H&M for the same effect.


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American Apparel Turtle Neck




It’s the weekend! Yeaya!


American Apparel has to be one of my favourite shops. The prices aren’t pretty but I love the simplicity, staple items and the cool prints they produce.


I rarely buy from them full price unless it’s an emergency…so I just browse their website, read their email updates and create a wishlist for myself and wait for them to give out discount codes. This happens every once and a while, so I would sign up to their emails if you haven’t already done so. Carnaby Street and Seven Dials have a shopping discount evening every season for the whole area so I would definitely sign up for their email updates as well!


I saw this turtle neck and loved the print instantly. Very vibrant and eye catching, and matched with my Ruby Woo MAC lipstick for more impact! It comes up quite small and can only really be worn with high waisted bottoms. My bodycon skirt is from Topshop and I love it being below the knee length.


I’m just wearing some gold hoop earrings as you don’t need much else with the top being so busy.


Turtle Neck – American Apparel

Skirt – Topshop

Boots – Topshop

Granny cardigan – Portobello Road Market



What are you up to this Friday? Have a good’un!