Got Wood?

My Primark sunglasses I got for 50p last year are on their last legs. They’ve done pretty well considering what they’ve been through: Brazil carnival, Turkey, Spain, Guatemala and Belize. The scratches are blocking my view so I think that’s enough of an excuse to buy some new ones. So, what to get? Hhhmmm…I am a sucker for Clubmaster Ray Ban sunnies…classic and cool they will always be stylish (and because my pastel blue Primark ones are a full blown copy of them).




W0365 Ray Ban/Clubmaster/£125@ASOS


But then I came across Finlay & Co. They sell handmade 1950s style wooden sunglasses. What I love about the wood is it adds a unique dimension to your overall outfit whatever it may be. As the wood is neutral it will combine with pretty much anything. The wood is sustainably sourced and every pair made has a different grain pattern, meaning that every pair is different (if you care about the fine details…)


glasses Finlay & CoBOSWORTH ZEBRANO / £105 


Or there’s Panda. If you want to shop and feel good about yourself at the same time buy a pair of these. Their strap line is, “Every pair sold gives the gift of vision to someone in need”. In more detail this actually means:

“For every pair you purchase, the PANDA-TOMA partnership will provide an eye or medical exam to a person in need. We will also donate a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses (for those with cataracts or a similar type of eye deficiency). For this reason, and from the charitable purchases from our customers, we are honored to team with TOMA in order to facilitate the give the GIFT OF VISION”

I first thought it was to help blind pandas, but its actually because they’re made of sustainable bamboo – and pandas eat bamboo (duh). Their styles are adaptations of the wayfarer giving them a contemporary feel. There are eight different styles you can get, and they’ve got a fit guide to help you choose the most flattering style for your face shape. My favourite one is Kennedy which I may be able to get away with. All styles come in 3 different finishes: black, brown or natural. They offer free shipping and free returns and this counts for the UK. I don’t think they are physically stocked in the UK yet so watch this space.

panda-sunglasses-style-kennedy-natural Panda / Kennedy in Natural / $120

The Shiny Things

Hello again! I got back from holiday last Sunday…and what an amazing 3 weeks it was in Guatemala and Belize. Yes, a holiday post is due…just need to sort out all the photos (there are only over 1000, no biggie). So after being back from holiday and being back in the shops (just lusting as I have no money and am banned from my mum from buying anything new) I have noticed I have been attracted to the shiny things. When I was snorkelling in Belize we had barracudas following Henry and I because we were wearing shiny metallic watches (my little Casio)…I’m like a little barracuda, everything shiny I want! So I’ve made a list of all the metallic things I’ve seen that I like. Hope you like too!




ASOS / £28 (Mine was a gift but I know you get cheaper ones elsewhere)



zara broguesZara / £49.99

 All I have to say is Zara. Oh how I love thee. You are such a tease with your fit metallic brogues. These brogues will complete me. I must have them.

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Jewellery Lust

A friend of mine popped round last night for an evening glass of pimms in the sunshine, and while we were sitting and chatting her necklace caught my eye and I fell in love with it straight away! The one she had on was gold, but I’m loving it in silver.

What do you guys think? Cute isn’t it?!


Limited Edition Mini Coin Necklace | ASOS £8


Kelis Samples

Ahhhh I am so happy it’s Friday. The weather makes such a difference, I can’t wait to be outside absorbing the sun rays. It’s also my Henry’s birthday and we have sweet plans for the weekend! Including Mumford & Sons Summer Stampede at the Olympic Park tomorrow :) will let you know how it goes! Until then…


Recently I’ve been listening to Disclosure‘s new album Settle…sounding completely like a music snob (sorry), a lot of the songs I had already heard ages ago! But there are some new ones on there that I really love. Disclosure manage to have this magic formula of garage and deep house which makes me want to pardy every time I hear it! Recently I’ve been listening to them at the gym, and it is definitely motivational listening. Doing weights and listening to them at the same time is quite euphoric!


So while listening at the gym this song came on: Second Chance. Loved the slow off – beat baseline, then started to hear the lyrics…I RECOGNISE THAT FROM SOMEWHERE! It’s Kelis. Her R&B album Kaleidoscope is one of my favoritosss. Produced by The Neptunes – anything they touch I am addicted to. Get Along With You is also one of the best and my favourites off the album and they have sampled it on this song. Neat huh!






I’ve mentioned James Blake before, but this got me thinking of CMYK. One of my favourite James Blake dance tracks…he also sampled Kelis, this time it’s Caught Out There, off the same Kaleidoscope album, the song that put her on the map.






Some weekend listening for you! x

Fedora Love

One thing me and Nat have been fussing about recently are fedora hats. As you may know Nat is in Brazil at the moment for São João music festival , and before she went she was looking for one to take to Brazil with her. Then it got me thinking, I really want one too! I’ve never been a hat person as I thought I looked like a try hard…this was more at the time that bowler hats came in. But there’s something quite sweet and understated about fedora hats. The style is very flattering and adds that extra layer to a very simple and classic outfit. Can’t go over doing it with accessories if you get a hat involved. Sometimes a simple and understated outfit is best and more effective! You can wear them in any season and it will look swell especially if you’re going to a festival this summer – they look nice, will hide your greasy, knotty hair and shade you from England’s blistering sun rays. Here are some street style examples that I think are bang tidy:



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Viva São João

Today I’m off to Brazil for 10 days to spend São João which is this weekend! Yes, it’s their winter, and it might rain the whole time I’m there, but it’s one of my favourite times of year. Other than carnival the other biggest music related event in Brazil is São João – St John’s, also known as Festa Junina or June Festival.


The festivities originated during the colonial period to celebrate the nativity of St John the Baptist, and are historically related to the European Midsummer festivities. The Northeast of Brazil has very dry and arid landscapes and the festival was an opportunity for the people to give thanks to St John for the rains. Although closely imbedded into the North-eastern culture the festival is celebrated nationwide.


Now a days the festival has evolved into a celebration of traditional rural life, with big street parties in rural areas and now capital cities, with traditional clothing, food, and dancing.


Clothing – guys dress as farm peasants in straw hats and patched up chequered shirts, and girls dress in colourful frilly dresses, their hair in pigtails and freckles painted on their faces.



A little school friend and I in our Sao Joao costumes for our school party
A little school friend and I in our Sao Joao costumes for our school party

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Curly hair problems – how to style curly hair



Untangle me

I only ever brush or comb my hair when it’s wet, never when dry unless I’m going for the Diana Ross look! The best tools for detangling are either a wide toothed comb or Tangle Teezer. A wide toothed comb helps separate the curls and is what I’ve always used. But Nissa and I recently started using the Tangle Teezer. I didn’t think it would work on my curly hair but it’s amazing how quickly it gets through the knots and I feel like my hair has been a lot less static and frizzy since I started using it.

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4 Smart Healthy Eating Tips

A few simple tips to perk you up with more energy and help your waistline. Choosing foods high in nutrition will make you feel fresh and help you lose weight as an extra! Win win.




1. Make sure you include protein in your breakfast

Why? It will keep you fuller for longer until lunchtime reducing the likelyhood of you over snacking. You could have eggs for breakfast with brown toast – you can quickly make scrambled egg in the microwave. A bit of smoked salmon is also a good option…but I couldn’t afford to have it everyday…I normally have 0% fat plain greek yogurt (Total) as it has the largest protein content with some cinnamon, fruit and flaxseed mix. It is quite sour so buy the 2% if you prefer, it’s still low in fat. These make much better alternatives to cereals and sweet toasts. Don’t fall for some fruit flavoured yogurts as they are full of sugar and especially jam and granola pots. Always check the nutrition content!

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Pretty In Pastels

pastel outfit collage This weather isn’t really anything to go by, but a way to warm me up is by putting a dream summer outfit together. If the weather isn’t great there’s no reason to not bring a bit of summer yourself with what you wear. So here I have arranged a pastel paradise :) My favourite item has to be the Whistles sandals. They look like they’d be really comfortable with the platforms, and they’re not too high which I’m sure you’ll agree is an added bonus. What’s your favourite item?


1. Sienna Pinafore Dungaree Culottes | | £15

2. House of Holland Colour Block Shirt | ASOS | £60

3. Metal Arm Cats Eye Sunglasses | Topsop | £16

4. Hyper-Brite Orangeade Lipstick | Models Own | £6

5. Gold Linked Leaf Bracelet | ASOS | £10

6. Two Tone Spike Hoops | Miss Selfridge | £8.50

7. Kimakaze Ankle Strap Platform | Whistles | £165

8. Mint Backpack | Chicwish | £28 (from USA)

9. ‘Underwhere’ Nail Varnish | Essie | £7.99

Afternoon Tea at Ashdown Park Hotel

This bank holiday weekend was our lovely cousin Fiona’s 30th birthday, so the whole UK side of the family got together to celebrate over afternoon tea in East Sussex at Ashdown Park. The sun was shining and we couldn’t have been in more beautiful surroundings.

We were greeted by friendly staff on arrival, and shown straight to a room they’d set out for us. After putting in our tea orders, (they have a great selection of loose leaf teas on the afternoon tea menu), towers of sandwiches, scones and sweet treats were served, with plenty of clotted cream and jams.


Ashdown Park Afternoon Tea
Ashdown Park Afternoon Tea

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