4 Smart Healthy Eating Tips

A few simple tips to perk you up with more energy and help your waistline. Choosing foods high in nutrition will make you feel fresh and help you lose weight as an extra! Win win.




1. Make sure you include protein in your breakfast

Why? It will keep you fuller for longer until lunchtime reducing the likelyhood of you over snacking. You could have eggs for breakfast with brown toast – you can quickly make scrambled egg in the microwave. A bit of smoked salmon is also a good option…but I couldn’t afford to have it everyday…I normally have 0% fat plain greek yogurt (Total) as it has the largest protein content with some cinnamon, fruit and flaxseed mix. It is quite sour so buy the 2% if you prefer, it’s still low in fat. These make much better alternatives to cereals and sweet toasts. Don’t fall for some fruit flavoured yogurts as they are full of sugar and especially jam and granola pots. Always check the nutrition content!

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Afternoon Tea at Ashdown Park Hotel

This bank holiday weekend was our lovely cousin Fiona’s 30th birthday, so the whole UK side of the family got together to celebrate over afternoon tea in East Sussex at Ashdown Park. The sun was shining and we couldn’t have been in more beautiful surroundings.

We were greeted by friendly staff on arrival, and shown straight to a room they’d set out for us. After putting in our tea orders, (they have a great selection of loose leaf teas on the afternoon tea menu), towers of sandwiches, scones and sweet treats were served, with plenty of clotted cream and jams.


Ashdown Park Afternoon Tea
Ashdown Park Afternoon Tea

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Eats and treats in Fulham

I recently spent the day in London catching up with one of my bestests, my Amelia, and as usual in between lots of talking, there was lots of eating! We started off with dim sum at the Royal China on the Fulham Road. I guess the best way to describe dim sum is like Chinese tapas; a selection of small dishes that are either steamed or deep fried, washed down with lots of jasmine tea.


Dim sum at Royal China - prawn cheong fun, yam croquettes, vietnamese spring rolls, pork puffs, pork cheong fun.
Dim sum at Royal China – prawn cheong fun, yam croquettes, vietnamese spring rolls, pork puffs, pork cheong fun.

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How to get clear skin

I have had mild acne my whole adolescent life. Tried different contraceptive pills to help, oral antibiotics and topical stuff a while ago.




Over the last few years I wasn’t happy with my overall complexion as I always seemed to have raised white bumps across my cheeks. Last summer I broke out in spots big time as the change in season meant I was sweating more than usual.

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Thought of the Week



It’s like the final thought of the Jerry Springer show – we have thought of the week! I thought this was appropriate as it’s exactly what me and my friend Hannah were talking about last night.


We are so lucky to live somewhere where there is no conflict, where women have rights and the choices to be independent. Don’t waste your energy dwelling on what you don’t have but be grateful for what you do have, and make the most of it!


“Take care of yourself, and each other.” Jerry Springer

Morro de Sao Paulo aka Paradise

Friends and family had been telling me to go and visit Morro de Sao Paulo over and over again, but until this year I’d never got round to it. Every time I go to Brazil I have a full diary of people to see and a list of things I want to do and eat. So when I went in February for carnival I decided not to make any plans for after carnival to give me a chance to finally get to visit this paradise island.



The island doesn’t have any cars on it, so the only way to get there is by air or some kind of boat. I decided to go by catamaran, the ticket cost R$70 (about £22).

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Ideal Home Show 2013


I’d always wanted to go to the Ideal Home Show, not really sure why, just always thought it might be a nice day out, where you could get lots of cool freebies. One of my close friends also shared this curiosity and last Saturday we went to find out what the big deal was.

The weather wasn’t too great, but there were stewards just outside the exit of Earl’s Court tube station handing out umbrellas for you to use to cross the road. Once inside we were pretty impressed with how much there was to see.

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Savill Gardens

It’s a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining…what to do? I’m lucky I live in a beautiful area surrounded by leafy forests and Royal land, so what better way to spend my afternoon than walking around Savill Garden?! I just threw this outfit on nothing special…


  Bandana, Oxfam | T-Shirt, H&M | Jeggings, Topshop | Sandals, Topshop | Bag, ASOS


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When you get to the car park you’ll see this building…If you want to inside and pay £8.50 to walk around the ornamental gardens you can. But I already spent that on my picnic! I’m fine just walking around the beautiful park. So once you arrive here (car park charges 1 – 2 hrs £3 on a Saturday) turn left before the Savill Garden Royal Landscape building. Then follow the path and you’ll arrive at the Cumberland Monument.


Savill Garden Royal Landscape Building


Cumberland Monument  

 “Built by George II in the 1750s to honour his youngest son, The Duke of Cumberland. As the original landscaper of this area of the Windsor Great Park, 250 years ago, this stone obelisk is a fitting tribute to the man who first created The Royal Landscape. Close by is the family picnic area, and a place for visiting children to play.”

Taken from The Royal Landscape website

What a pretty little picture. Go for a horse and carriage ride? Maybe next time…Walk further down towards the picnic area and you will get to the Obelisk Pond – a very BIG pond! After eating my last minute picnic (with my lovely boyfriend) we had some leftover bread. Naturally I took to the pond and fed the ducks what we didn’t manage to get through. There’s something very nostalgic about feeding the ducks! I’m glad there weren’t any swans though they’re so viscous. I remember they always used to steal the bread from the little ducks and chase me around, bit my friend’s hand once!! Little bastards! Gorgeous pond though, not ruined by swan and geese poo.


 Obelisk Pond

  Feeding the ducks 


 View from the path on the way to Virginia Water


Another 20 mins walk along the path on the edge of the pond…you get to the grand Totem Pole next to Virginia Water lake…

“A 100-foot high Totem Pole carved from a single log of Western Red Cedar, obtained from a 600 year old tree felled on Queen Charlotte Island, British Columbia. Presented to the Queen in 1958, it was installed to mark the centenary of the British Columbia’s establishment as a Crown Colony. Its intricate and delicate carvings feature the animals and faces associated with the native Indian tribe called the Kwakiutl.”

Taken from The Royal Landscape website

How frikkin cool is the totem pole! It’s definitely worth paying Savill Gardens a visit if you’re ever in the area. I’m just baffled at how tall trees can grow…and at the people who carved and painted this.


  Cedar Man


I’d like to go to see the General Sherman tree (biggest tree in the world) one day in California, or just go to a giant forest somewhere.


From Fridaywithfarmerswife


Now I’m just getting carried away about trees but I came across this website and there are so many weird and wonderful trees out there! I might go on a tree expedition…Check out this website.


 Basket tree