Liquorice Allsorts Necklace

So I think we can safely say that spring is about to arrive…Sunday 18 degrees? I ruddy hope so!

The longer days and sunshine have made me want to get colourful! Plus I wanted to wear my Liquorice Allsorts necklace :) Which obviously got a few remarks at work as it looks very real!




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Nat’s Spring Summer 13 Wish List

Last month I went to the Harvey Nichols Spring/Summer fashion show at the Saatchi gallery with a friend. She’d been to the event last year and said it was a good evening, so when we got the email about this event we got tickets. The tickets were around £20 each. There was free flowing bubbly and some canapes floating around, but the way the poor catering staff were being ambushed every time they came out with a fresh tray you’d think the people at the event had been starved for a week! We also got a goody bag which had some nice bits in it, but in comparison to last year’s event’s goody bag, most of the budget must have gone on the venue hire.


The atmosphere was really nice and there was a buzz in the gallery as the show started. The pieces that were shown in the show were all very high end designer, but there were a few trends that I picked up on that have given me some inspiration for what to go for to up date my Spring/Summer wardrobe for this year.


Wish list:


White. The first lot of models that came out were all in white outfits that ranged from maxi dresses, to skirts and jackets, to trouser suits. I’m absolutely loving white and nude tones at the moment whether it be in fashion or home decor.


Three piece trouser suit from the H&M Conscious Exclusive collection.


Bright/Neon Colours. The brights and neon trend has been around since last year and I’m loving it. My favourite thing at the moment is neutral make up with a bright lip. So this summer I’m planning on adding pops of colour to neutral outfits. I love this trend because it can be done without breaking the bank, by just buying accessories or shoes, or a bright nail varnish.


Crystal pendant necklace by & Other Stories


Maxi. I’m not the tallest, so it doesn’t always suit me, but I’ve always adored the maxi trend. This year I’ve noticed a lot more pieces in light, floaty fabrics which I think is a lot more flattering on shorter people. At the Harvey Nic’s show they had a couple of pleated maxi pieces which I really liked.


Pleated maxi dress from


Lace. I love lace because worn properly I think it can look really elegant and classic. But choose the wrong undergarment and it can look oh so wrong! So if you go for this trend invest in some good undergarments that you’d be proud for people to catch a glimpse of. I’ll definitely be investing in a couple more lace bits for this Summer.


Electric blue lace dress from MANGO


Red Superga

Good Friday to you! Hope you are getting your bellies ready for the chocolate fest that will be Sunday!

I am super excited to feel sick. I am going to eat Malteaser bunnies, Mini Eggs and Lindt Eggs to my heart’s content. And of course the lovely bakes Natalie will be arranging!

We’re in Scotland this weekend with dad’s side of the fam…but thought I’d share some outfits with you seeing as it’s Friday.


So thought I’d round up two outfits wearing my red Superga. As you can see this is the toilet at my work…very nice. I always take these pictures really quickly before someone comes in so they don’t think I’m a FREAK! (Most people already do think that anyway…)

I’ll normally wear trainers on a Friday as it’s ‘Dress down Friday’ and just try and be as comfortable as possible! I would say red trainers are definitely a must. I really like a red converse as well…but there’s nothing wrong with just buying some pumps from Primark or H&M for the same effect.


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American Apparel Turtle Neck




It’s the weekend! Yeaya!


American Apparel has to be one of my favourite shops. The prices aren’t pretty but I love the simplicity, staple items and the cool prints they produce.


I rarely buy from them full price unless it’s an emergency…so I just browse their website, read their email updates and create a wishlist for myself and wait for them to give out discount codes. This happens every once and a while, so I would sign up to their emails if you haven’t already done so. Carnaby Street and Seven Dials have a shopping discount evening every season for the whole area so I would definitely sign up for their email updates as well!


I saw this turtle neck and loved the print instantly. Very vibrant and eye catching, and matched with my Ruby Woo MAC lipstick for more impact! It comes up quite small and can only really be worn with high waisted bottoms. My bodycon skirt is from Topshop and I love it being below the knee length.


I’m just wearing some gold hoop earrings as you don’t need much else with the top being so busy.


Turtle Neck – American Apparel

Skirt – Topshop

Boots – Topshop

Granny cardigan – Portobello Road Market



What are you up to this Friday? Have a good’un!

Avenue 32 Wishlist

So I can’t afford any designer clobber but I’m still allowed to dream right? I was looking through Avenue 32’s website and I found some really lovely stuff. And hopefully one day, I will be rich enough to afford such beautiful pieces! (…PLEASE LET ME WIN THE LOTTERY DAMN IT!!!) 

I absolutely love this skirt. The cut is unusual and it’s got a cool graphic print on it. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It goes really nicely with the knit top as it plays it down a bit keeping it edgy but relaxed. Team it up with my clogs or pointed Zara court shoes and I’m good to go! CAN’T BLOODY WAIT FOR SUMMER! FYI skirt not available yet…


I have wanted some checked trousers for aaaages. I saw some in Topshop and never got around to buying them…they were like leggings and I wanted them tailored…ALAS these Pringle ones are bang tidy!! I tend to roll most of my trousers up now…so I love the look and fit of these. ONLY £395…suuure.


This dress is HEAVY!!! Arrrrrggh I want this on my skin. Now. I love the length, love the print. Just in love with it. I want to marry it. And it would be such a great work piece that you can transform into a charming evening number. 

New season I think calls for new underwear don’t you think? I love this set from Myla. You know new matching underwear actually makes you feel a lot happier and content? Yes true story. I think I’ll go down to H&M and see if there’s anything similar gwaning. But if you DO have the money (if so, please donate some to me) you should check out more beautiful underwear from Myla here: 


Have a happy Friday! Buy some new underwear! Throw away your smelly holey ones. Bye! xx( . )( . )xx


I’m wearing a below the knee skirt. Yes.

Well hello there. Yes yes, this is me in a rather prim and proper below the knee pencil skirt. Suit you sir. I am wearing ALL RED..POW! My feet are dipped in black.







My shirt, skirt, tweed blazer and jewellery are all from CHARITY SHOPS. Cheap and cheerful children.

My boots are from TOPSHOP and my dog is from YORKSHIRE.



This is the Queen. I won’t be Queen one day but I can still dress like one.

Bye for now xx( . )( . )xx

Casual Friday again, hurrah!


Charity shop shirt | American Apparel Side Zipper Pant | Orca Bay boat shoes




American Theme today: I look like a soccer mom from the 80s…”HEEEY babey guuuurl, come and give yo moma some suga, honey pie!!”

It’s that time of week again – TGI Friday friends!! YAAAAY 😀 😀 😀 have a fab time and let this get your weekend started.



Tchau bambinos xx ( . )( . ) xx

Barney wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day

<3  Charity jumper | American Apparel Riding Skirt | Topshop boots <3




Hello one and all. It is Valentine’s day smoochy smoochy time…Ooo lala – voulais vu cu chez avec moi? or summink. If you’ve got no one to smooch, remember Barney loves you. Or better still, smooch your friends. This is what big fat purple Barney teaches us. Word.



Casual Fridays

So most of what I’m wearing doesn’t belong to me. You must think I’m a massive pikey. Well I’m not. My mum’s a carer and she got given some clothes from one of the old men she was looking after. FYI – HE’S NOT DEAD. So one of the things in the bag was this lovely big jumper.

I just wanted to be cosy and comfortable today, so this jumper fits the bill perfectly. My hair was being a big frizzy shit ball this morning so I’ve tied one of his handkerchiefs round my head to hold it back.

The jeggings are MINE (you’ll be pleased to know) and so are my Superga trainers/pumps whatever you want to call them. Socks belong to my boyfriend who is starting to moan about my ‘borrowing’ haha!

Have a good Friday whatever you get up to! I’m excited about my sofa.







Personal Style Post: Smart Comfortable
















Blazer, Topshop | Shirt, Charity Shop (St. Michael) | Leggings, American Apparel | Bag, Topshop


This is going to be part of my new collection of outfits I post as ‘Smart Comfortable’. If you have the luxury like me, where you can wear whatever you want to the office, and like me you still want to look smart – leggings and shirts are a winner. I love these suede brogues from Topshop. The white sole gives them a modern edge so they can be worn with these leggings to give a Sports Luxe vibe.