Hi again

It’s been nearly 2 years since my last post. A lot has happened! Like this:

Safe to say I outdid myself from the last post and got myself some liquid gold Nike Air Max. Best £125 I’ve ever spent. They go for £500 on eBay now WTF! Still I love them too much to ever let them go.

This blog was created mainly because I wanted to get into the fashion industry. Where I got a taste through interning at GQ magazine and did get an offer for buying experience at a retail brand. I was probably going to be looking at a few years on zero wage (if that) – having a mortgage and living in London makes this an impossible dream. Unless I worked 2 jobs and had no social life, which definitely isn’t an option. Hence why I now work in finance! Luckily enough though it was while I was interning at GQ that I managed to luckily get my hands on these. They were the last pair in my size in the gold (rather than silver). I ummed and ahhed for a while as I wasn’t getting paid and would have to use my savings. My feet were soaked so it was just meant to be.

Having worked and lived in London for a year now I thought I’d get back onto Salvadora and not leave it as a dead space on the world wide web. My sister Nat is still about! Although I think her life doesn’t really allow much time for writing…

I’ll leave you with a few shots of me and my Air Max enjoying the lovely weather at Stoke Park Spa where I celebrated my 10 year anniversary with my super gorgeous unicorn fiancee. That’s right I’m engaged to a unicorn. How many people can say that??? I’m so lucky :)

“The unicorn designer is the most in demand and rarest of product team members — someone with excellent interaction design skills, visual design skills, and coding ability”. Unobtainium.

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