Got Wood?

My Primark sunglasses I got for 50p last year are on their last legs. They’ve done pretty well considering what they’ve been through: Brazil carnival, Turkey, Spain, Guatemala and Belize. The scratches are blocking my view so I think that’s enough of an excuse to buy some new ones. So, what to get? Hhhmmm…I am a sucker for Clubmaster Ray Ban sunnies…classic and cool they will always be stylish (and because my pastel blue Primark ones are a full blown copy of them).




W0365 Ray Ban/Clubmaster/£125@ASOS


But then I came across Finlay & Co. They sell handmade 1950s style wooden sunglasses. What I love about the wood is it adds a unique dimension to your overall outfit whatever it may be. As the wood is neutral it will combine with pretty much anything. The wood is sustainably sourced and every pair made has a different grain pattern, meaning that every pair is different (if you care about the fine details…)


glasses Finlay & CoBOSWORTH ZEBRANO / £105 


Or there’s Panda. If you want to shop and feel good about yourself at the same time buy a pair of these. Their strap line is, “Every pair sold gives the gift of vision to someone in need”. In more detail this actually means:

“For every pair you purchase, the PANDA-TOMA partnership will provide an eye or medical exam to a person in need. We will also donate a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses (for those with cataracts or a similar type of eye deficiency). For this reason, and from the charitable purchases from our customers, we are honored to team with TOMA in order to facilitate the give the GIFT OF VISION”

I first thought it was to help blind pandas, but its actually because they’re made of sustainable bamboo – and pandas eat bamboo (duh). Their styles are adaptations of the wayfarer giving them a contemporary feel. There are eight different styles you can get, and they’ve got a fit guide to help you choose the most flattering style for your face shape. My favourite one is Kennedy which I may be able to get away with. All styles come in 3 different finishes: black, brown or natural. They offer free shipping and free returns and this counts for the UK. I don’t think they are physically stocked in the UK yet so watch this space.

panda-sunglasses-style-kennedy-natural Panda / Kennedy in Natural / $120

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