The Shiny Things

Hello again! I got back from holiday last Sunday…and what an amazing 3 weeks it was in Guatemala and Belize. Yes, a holiday post is due…just need to sort out all the photos (there are only over 1000, no biggie). So after being back from holiday and being back in the shops (just lusting as I have no money and am banned from my mum from buying anything new) I have noticed I have been attracted to the shiny things. When I was snorkelling in Belize we had barracudas following Henry and I because we were wearing shiny metallic watches (my little Casio)…I’m like a little barracuda, everything shiny I want! So I’ve made a list of all the metallic things I’ve seen that I like. Hope you like too!




ASOS / £28 (Mine was a gift but I know you get cheaper ones elsewhere)



zara broguesZara / £49.99

 All I have to say is Zara. Oh how I love thee. You are such a tease with your fit metallic brogues. These brogues will complete me. I must have them.



pinkskirt / £6

 This pink metallic skirt is £6. Enough said.




Ebay /£14.99

I actually bought these sandals in black and they are great. I haven’t actually worn them yet and I bought them in May (must find time to wear them…winter will be here soon…) I love the fit, and the fact they are flatform with a medium height make them oh so comfortable. They come in silver and gold metallic! Only £17.98 including post, pretty sweet I think. They are ‘Almost gone’ too so be quick!



jumperTea and Cake @ Topshop / £35


This comes in gold and silver, but I prefer the gold and I don’t know why. You could be mistaken for looking like a Christmas bauble a few months early, but I  think this would look striking with a patterned shirt with the collar done up to the top, black  skinny jeans and sky scrapper black boots. Or a skater skirt would do. I’ll have to buy it now just to find out 😉



legging American Apparel Shiny Legging / £37

American Apparel Shiny Leggings have been around for ages. I had a blue pair, until my MALE friend borrowed them at a party and got an ash hole in them…(cheers Johnny!) These would look good with black chunky boots with long shirts or dresses. Are you a fan of metallics?

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