Jewellery Lust

A friend of mine popped round last night for an evening glass of pimms in the sunshine, and while we were sitting and chatting her necklace caught my eye and I fell in love with it straight away! The one she had on was gold, but I’m loving it in silver.

What do you guys think? Cute isn’t it?!


Limited Edition Mini Coin Necklace | ASOS £8


Kelis Samples

Ahhhh I am so happy it’s Friday. The weather makes such a difference, I can’t wait to be outside absorbing the sun rays. It’s also my Henry’s birthday and we have sweet plans for the weekend! Including Mumford & Sons Summer Stampede at the Olympic Park tomorrow :) will let you know how it goes! Until then…


Recently I’ve been listening to Disclosure‘s new album Settle…sounding completely like a music snob (sorry), a lot of the songs I had already heard ages ago! But there are some new ones on there that I really love. Disclosure manage to have this magic formula of garage and deep house which makes me want to pardy every time I hear it! Recently I’ve been listening to them at the gym, and it is definitely motivational listening. Doing weights and listening to them at the same time is quite euphoric!


So while listening at the gym this song came on: Second Chance. Loved the slow off – beat baseline, then started to hear the lyrics…I RECOGNISE THAT FROM SOMEWHERE! It’s Kelis. Her R&B album Kaleidoscope is one of my favoritosss. Produced by The Neptunes – anything they touch I am addicted to. Get Along With You is also one of the best and my favourites off the album and they have sampled it on this song. Neat huh!






I’ve mentioned James Blake before, but this got me thinking of CMYK. One of my favourite James Blake dance tracks…he also sampled Kelis, this time it’s Caught Out There, off the same Kaleidoscope album, the song that put her on the map.






Some weekend listening for you! x