Fedora Love

One thing me and Nat have been fussing about recently are fedora hats. As you may know Nat is in Brazil at the moment for São João music festival , and before she went she was looking for one to take to Brazil with her. Then it got me thinking, I really want one too! I’ve never been a hat person as I thought I looked like a try hard…this was more at the time that bowler hats came in. But there’s something quite sweet and understated about fedora hats. The style is very flattering and adds that extra layer to a very simple and classic outfit. Can’t go over doing it with accessories if you get a hat involved. Sometimes a simple and understated outfit is best and more effective! You can wear them in any season and it will look swell especially if you’re going to a festival this summer – they look nice, will hide your greasy, knotty hair and shade you from England’s blistering sun rays. Here are some street style examples that I think are bang tidy:




fedora4 fedora5






Nat saw one a few months ago online in H&M but was heartbroken when she went to buy it and they had sold out. A few weeks ago we went shopping on Oxford Street and came across some in Topshop but they couldn’t fit our fat heads! I’m tempted to go for the Free People one but even in the sale £49.95 is still expensive!! I’ll be traipsing around the vintage shops for one and see what I find…I’d rather try before I buy.

topshop  Topshop, Shorter Brim Fedora | £25

ebay eBay | £14.75


freeFree People, Leather Band Fedora | £49.95 (sale)

marella Marella @ House of Fraser | £55 

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