Curly Hair Problems 1 – how to take care of curly hair


Both Nissa and I have naturally curly hair which can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare to control. I’m also sure we’ve both had phases when we’ve hated our hair, and other times when we love it. I remember absolutely hating my hair in my early teens and desperately wanting it to be straight or at least wavy!


Who remembers when it was fashion in the 90s to have your hair scraped back and two strands of hair pulled out in your face?

Cher from Clueless


Yep! I tried to achieve that look by slicking two strands of frizz with Vaseline…not a good look!


Another experimental phase we both had was with cornrows when Alicia Keys first became big in the UK!


Nissa cornrows
Nissa cornrows


Me on my 17th Birthday!
Me on my 17th Birthday!


Eventually I made peace with my curls, and realised they’re part of who I am. We still fall out now and then, especially on rainy or humid days, but I try my best to keep the peace by taking care of my hair. I’ve noticed that most hints and tips in magazines focus on products and styling tips for straight hair, so I thought I’d share my curly hair routine and recommend a few of the products for curly hair.


Clean me – Shampoo & conditioner


I wash my hair probably 2-3 times a week, that’s one great thing about curly hair when it’s a bit greasy the curls are great at hiding it. As curly hair tends to be more on the dry side, washing too often can strip the natural oils making it extra dry and frizzy.

I’ll always try to go for shampoos that are more nourishing and creamy. When I have the cash I’ll invest in Kerastase, Macadamia Natural Oil. Macadamia Natural Oil is my current fave as it’s also sulfate and paraben free so doesn’t cause build up. As the water where I live is quite hard, using a sulfate free shampoo makes my hair feel softer. When the purse strings are tight, shampoos I love using are Creme of Nature soothing shampoo which you can find in most afro hair shops or order on Amazon.


Macadamia Natural Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
Macadamia Natural Oil Shampoo and Conditioner


In terms of conditioners I’ll tend to use the matching one to the shampoo I’m using at the time.


Treat me


Curly hair tends to be a lot drier than other hair types, especially on the ends, so a weekly deep conditioning treatment is a must. In Brazil maintenance and deep conditioning treatments are a ritual, and some people will opt for a weekly visit to a salon rather than DIY at home, as salons are always coming up with new treatments and techniques. Since we were little our Mum has always taught us the importance of a good hair treatment. You can easily recreate your own hair spa at home with a few things.

  • Hair mask of your choice –  Macadamia Natural Oil or Herbal Essences (good budget option)
  • Shower cap or hot towel
  1.  Wash hair with shampoo of choice, towel dry and apply hair mask from med section down to ends in sections.
  2. Tie hair up and put the shower cap or wrap the hot towel on for 10-20 mins. The heat helps to open up the hair cuticles for the hair mask to get right in there. If you go to the gym and have a steam and sauna room you can use, put the hair mask on and spend 10-15 minutes in there.
  3. When you rinse it out try to use cold to luke warm water, rather than really hot water, as it will help to seal the hair shafts and give more shine. Then style as you normally would.


Mum started us young!
Mum started us young!



Nissa and I recently invested in a new hair mask we’ve heard about called Silicon Mix, so we’ll let you all know what we think of it once we’ve tried it out. Do you have a favourite hair mask?

In my next post I talk about how to style curly hair.

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