4 Smart Healthy Eating Tips

A few simple tips to perk you up with more energy and help your waistline. Choosing foods high in nutrition will make you feel fresh and help you lose weight as an extra! Win win.




1. Make sure you include protein in your breakfast

Why? It will keep you fuller for longer until lunchtime reducing the likelyhood of you over snacking. You could have eggs for breakfast with brown toast – you can quickly make scrambled egg in the microwave. A bit of smoked salmon is also a good option…but I couldn’t afford to have it everyday…I normally have 0% fat plain greek yogurt (Total) as it has the largest protein content with some cinnamon, fruit and flaxseed mix. It is quite sour so buy the 2% if you prefer, it’s still low in fat. These make much better alternatives to cereals and sweet toasts. Don’t fall for some fruit flavoured yogurts as they are full of sugar and especially jam and granola pots. Always check the nutrition content!

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Pretty In Pastels

pastel outfit collage This weather isn’t really anything to go by, but a way to warm me up is by putting a dream summer outfit together. If the weather isn’t great there’s no reason to not bring a bit of summer yourself with what you wear. So here I have arranged a pastel paradise :) My favourite item has to be the Whistles sandals. They look like they’d be really comfortable with the platforms, and they’re not too high which I’m sure you’ll agree is an added bonus. What’s your favourite item?


1. Sienna Pinafore Dungaree Culottes | Boohoo.com | £15

2. House of Holland Colour Block Shirt | ASOS | £60

3. Metal Arm Cats Eye Sunglasses | Topsop | £16

4. Hyper-Brite Orangeade Lipstick | Models Own | £6

5. Gold Linked Leaf Bracelet | ASOS | £10

6. Two Tone Spike Hoops | Miss Selfridge | £8.50

7. Kimakaze Ankle Strap Platform | Whistles | £165

8. Mint Backpack | Chicwish | £28 (from USA)

9. ‘Underwhere’ Nail Varnish | Essie | £7.99

Afternoon Tea at Ashdown Park Hotel

This bank holiday weekend was our lovely cousin Fiona’s 30th birthday, so the whole UK side of the family got together to celebrate over afternoon tea in East Sussex at Ashdown Park. The sun was shining and we couldn’t have been in more beautiful surroundings.

We were greeted by friendly staff on arrival, and shown straight to a room they’d set out for us. After putting in our tea orders, (they have a great selection of loose leaf teas on the afternoon tea menu), towers of sandwiches, scones and sweet treats were served, with plenty of clotted cream and jams.


Ashdown Park Afternoon Tea
Ashdown Park Afternoon Tea

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Curly Hair Problems 1 – how to take care of curly hair


Both Nissa and I have naturally curly hair which can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare to control. I’m also sure we’ve both had phases when we’ve hated our hair, and other times when we love it. I remember absolutely hating my hair in my early teens and desperately wanting it to be straight or at least wavy!


Who remembers when it was fashion in the 90s to have your hair scraped back and two strands of hair pulled out in your face?

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Eats and treats in Fulham

I recently spent the day in London catching up with one of my bestests, my Amelia, and as usual in between lots of talking, there was lots of eating! We started off with dim sum at the Royal China on the Fulham Road. I guess the best way to describe dim sum is like Chinese tapas; a selection of small dishes that are either steamed or deep fried, washed down with lots of jasmine tea.


Dim sum at Royal China - prawn cheong fun, yam croquettes, vietnamese spring rolls, pork puffs, pork cheong fun.
Dim sum at Royal China – prawn cheong fun, yam croquettes, vietnamese spring rolls, pork puffs, pork cheong fun.

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When you should eat to maintain a healthy weight

When you’re trying to be healthy it’s really hard to know what to eat and when. I’m pretty much always hungry, and get remarks at work for the fact that I always have something in my mouth! You can lose weight by just completely restricting what you eat, spaced out 3 times a day and exercising it off. But realistically it’s not a long term solution is it!? It is well known that fad diets and restricting what you eat will only cause you to put the weight back on (even more than you weighed before) after you start eating normally again.



Through our human evolution, our bodies have been programmed to store food if it experiences long periods of starvation: Starvation mode. When we were hunter gatherers expending lots of energy and not knowing when the next meal was coming in, our bodies needed to store as much energy as possible for the next time there was no catch. So if you miss breakfast, when you eat your lunch your body will think ‘oh my god I must store this asap in case this happens again’.



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Bank Holiday in Pictures

This weekend in the UK was a bank holiday so we had the Monday off work. I started off the weekend with no plans for Sunday and Monday, but ended up with a long weekend full of friends, laughs and sunshine!


Here is my weekend in pictures…




Chocolate Afternoon Tea at Hotel Rafayel

You wouldn’t think it from the entrance, but it’s a lovely hotel right on the river, with really friendly staff, and delicious cocktails and hot chocolates.


Afternoon tea with a view


Time for tea


Cake, warm scones, chocolate fondue


Chocolate fondue


Tropical chocolate martini anyone?


We left the hotel with our bellies full of chocolate goodness and headed straight to the Nike store in Oxford Circus to get some new gym kit to work it off next week!


Saturday night I then went on to visit a friend in her new home! I took a bottle or two round to celebrate. Her home is absolutely beautiful with a modern cottage feel. I’ll have to write up a post, will check with her first before I go taking pictures of her house! We spent the night in the kitchen doing what we do best…gossiping and drinking…


A celebration must have! Harvey Nichols Champagne
I only have a kitchen because it came with the house!

I spent the night on the new sofa, which was very comfy indeed and then spent Sunday at home doing some cleaning and tidying. After an afternoon walk in the sunshine with Lola and a nap I headed into London with some friends for dinner. We were all quite hungry so decided to go to the Brazilian churrascaria in Fulham called Rodizio Rico. How it works is you pay per head and then there is an all you can eat buffet of warm sides and salad, and then they bring round Brazilian meats which have been barbecued Brazilian style! My tip is to avoid eating too many carbs and save room for the meat! I managed to get through quite a few chicken hearts…

Barbecued chicken hearts


We woke up Monday to a warm sunny day perfect for a BBQ! So we ended the bank holiday the perfect way in the garden in the sunshine with good food and in good company.


Barbecued chicken satay


Eton mess made by the lovely Min – check out her blog minsworld

Exploring the Deliciousness of Insects

So Natalie, Henry and I went to the Wellcome Trust in Euston on Wednesday to eat insects! As well as wanting to try out a new gastronomic experience, we were all curious to find out more about the potential food crisis and how insects could be the solution. The night was part of a partnership between Pestival and Wellcome, part of ‘Who’s the pest?’ series. Pestival is a cultural organisation investigating our relationship with insects and the natural world.


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