How to get clear skin

I have had mild acne my whole adolescent life. Tried different contraceptive pills to help, oral antibiotics and topical stuff a while ago.




Over the last few years I wasn’t happy with my overall complexion as I always seemed to have raised white bumps across my cheeks. Last summer I broke out in spots big time as the change in season meant I was sweating more than usual.




 I tried Avene’s Triacneceal as I had read it helped with a bumpy complexion and some good reviews so thought I’d try it out. I even bought the toner, moisturising cream and water spray, which are good products. What I only read after I began to try Triacneceal it was that it made your skin purge. So my skin started to break out even more. This was NOT fun. It also smells horrible, stings on application and made my face red. Good thing I put it on before bed. I also read that it’s good to use it every other day as it is very strong.





After a few weeks my skin suddenly began to peel and I was really confused. I thought my skin had had a bad reaction to this product. Having scaly skin was also not a great look. But after it peeled my skin was clear.

So I stopped using Triacneceal to give my face a bit of a break. What I then read from reviews was that to keep the skin clear, you had to continue the use!!! Therefore I would have to spend a few weeks purging again. Which I wasn’t prepared to do, as summer is the one time of year you don’t want to be using heavy foundation to cover spots up.

 I have an eczema problem as well (I am soooo sexy right now) and went to the nurse about my scalp. What she gave me instead was Duac for my face! Thanks…but it really did work.





It’s an antibiotic gel (Clindamycin + Anhydrous Benzoyl Peroxide) you put on your cleansed face before bed and sleep with it on. Wake up in the morning and just wash it off. I’ve never had any problems with it bleaching, or with the amount I put on. It also says it can stain your pillow case but that hasn’t happened either.

It must have taken about 2 weeks for it to clear up my face. And I’ve been using it ever since! I still have the odd blackheads here and there, small spots from time to time, but the hard white bumps have gone. I know my skin will never be perfect, but it’s amazing how much it can boost your confidence. I also took it on my holiday and it didn’t affect me, just kept the spots at bay (considering I was drinking every night). I also made a point of wearing a visor to keep my face out of the sun most of the time…except here!




Another thing that definitely helps is the type of make-up you use. If you can afford it, Bare Minerals is amazing. As there are no added chemicals and it’s mineral powder, it allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t clog up your pores causing more breakouts. It also gives a really natural finish. Perfect for everyday use and it’s SPF 20. They have now brought out a compact powder, so if you are on the go, it’s now travel friendly.




Another tip is always take your make-up off before bedtime. I don’t exfoliate now that I have these antibiotics as I think it exfoliates my face anyway, and if I do, I just break out the next day. I use Simple products as I have sensitive skin as it is, and I find it takes my make up off  really well without leaving any residue.





Water and diet definitely does help with complexion. The more water and fresh foods you eat, the healthier and more radiant it will be. I’ve been eating a chocolate diet the last few weeks and it definitely has made me break out.



healthy food


I also read that if you have particularly bad acne, you should sleep with a clean towel on your pillow every night as a buildup of sweat and bacteria on your pillow can cause more spots. Further to this, Natalie has read that a silk pillowcase can help as well. This will also reduce a squashed/creased face in the morning!





Best thing to do is to never let your skin get you down, it won’t change anything! Always have a smile on your face, that is the best way to be! Beauty really does shine through the way you carry yourself, and being positive will definitely make you more attractive.





Take Cassandra Brankson for example. She has severe cystic acne and scarring, was bullied about her skin at school and braved YouTube to show how she applies her make up for good coverage. Her positivity shines through and now she is a model! Good for her! Follow her channel for tips with severe acne and oily skin.


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