Spring Tea

Last Sunday Natalie and I went to Reading’s Malmaison for some Afternoon Tea – for which I have now broken my A.T. virginity (and it feels great). People were going crazy for the weather forecast as finally warm temperatures were arriving on British soil.

Therefore I decided to take the opportunity to get my legs and toes out that have been in hibernation. Out of everyone I saw in Reading, I have to say I was probably 1 in 3 who thought that summer had arrived. But the way I see it is, the sun/warmth is not an everyday occurrence here so better make the most of it!


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The Sun Has Got His Hat On

This morning was nat pleasant. Power walking to the station in humid mist meant I got to the station covered in sweat. NOT HOW I LIKE TO START THE DAY. But look now! It’s bright and sunny. My bones are warm and I hope this is the lead up to a wardrobe change!


Whenever I think of the summer I think of this song by Roy Ayers ‘Everybody loves the Sunshine’. It should always be on your summer playlist. Perfect at BBQs and mid-summer night drinking sessions. ROLL ON SUMMER!


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I want it NOW!

Following my SS 13 fashion wish list, I thought I’d share my current make up wish list with you lovely lot. I’ve recently developed a slight obsession with makeup tutorials on YouTube, which is where most of the things on my list have come from.


My favourite YouTube beauty expert is Camila Coelho, who is Brazilian and lives in the US. She has two channels one in Portuguese and one in English. Her look is quite made up and glam, but you can still get great basic tips from her tutorials, so make sure you check her out if you need some makeup tips or inspiration.


beauty list


1. the Porefessional by Benefit

2. Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay

3. Naked Flushed Palette by Urban Decay

4. Scandaleyes Shadow Stick by Rimmel London

5. Lip Stick in Coy by Topshop


1.      The Porefessional by Benefit

I’ve heard great things about it from friends that have used it, and I’m just about to run out of a small sample I got from Benefit. It goes on smoothly and melts into the skin leaving it feeling satin smooth. It also reduces the appearance of pours so once you apply your foundation on top your skin is flawless!

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Thought of the Week


A couple of other lessons we could learn from dogs are to never hold grudges and to enjoy the simple things in life. The only person that is affected when we hold a grudge is ourselves, and rather then moaning about life, if we take some time to appreciate the small simple things it’ll help us realise life is one big amazing journey. 

Peace out. Hope you all have a good week! 

Liquorice Allsorts Necklace

So I think we can safely say that spring is about to arrive…Sunday 18 degrees? I ruddy hope so!

The longer days and sunshine have made me want to get colourful! Plus I wanted to wear my Liquorice Allsorts necklace :) Which obviously got a few remarks at work as it looks very real!




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R&B favourites

My playlist is generally a mix of new and old. Thought I’d talk about the R&B ones in particular. Recently I’ve been listening to these tracks walking to the station in the morning to get me in a good mood for the rest of the day! So I thought I’d share them with you to either help you start your day, or relax and unwind in the bath. Whatever makes you happy! You might not even like it or already know them! (If you already know them you can reminisce or appreciate a good song when you hear one!)


The Weeknd

the weeknd


The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye is a Canadian born singer/producer. He started out two years ago releasing songs off his website and since then become a massive success. I really love his slow, melancholy take on R&B. Spinning it around giving it a post-dubstep feel, it has been said that he has sparked a new sub-genre PBR&B. Genres really baffle me these days, it is really hard to describe anything to anyone anymore and keep up with genres, sub-genres, sub-sub-genres!!

My favourite song of his is “What you need” from his Trilogy Album. The rest of the album has a bit of a rock feel which I’m not so keen on. Apparently he’s got a new album coming out this year so I’m looking forward to it!



Faith Evans




Going back to the oldies, I will stick a bit of Faith Evans on here. This one is more appropriate for bathtime/nightime me thinks! I remember this from a compilation CD Natalie used to have called Funky Divas. Might be a bit cheesy for some but it’s so 90s and I love singing along to it…(I feel sorry for my family) This video’s even recorded from MTV Base! (Not sure the content on there is as good as it was back in the day though *sigh*)


“Soon as I get home” produced by Puff Daddy (I will call him by his original name)






Next up is SBTRKT, who have been around for 2 years and I saw them at Bestival last year. It’s made up of music producer Aaron Jerome and Sampha on vocals (most of the time). It’s an electronic mix of garage, funky post-dubstep and Sampha’s vocal’s gives it that R&B feel. SBTRKT have also collaborated with Jessie Ware (one of the stepping stones to her success) and Little Dragon. He can always be recognised by the mask.


“Hold on” has to be one of my favourites







Amerie – what a beauty: She’s half Korean and half African American so that would explain why. Not sure what she’s up to these days but ‘Why don’t we fall in love?’ was her first single from her album ‘All I have’, which I must have listened to about a million times. I can’t believe this was released in 2002…her songs remind me of being a teenager! Awwww…


Why don’t we fall in love?



 James Blake




James Blake is one of those weird ones where you can’t pin point exactly what genre he is. He’s a producer and dabbles in making and remixing post-dubstep tracks, which is how he got known in the music industry. He also has recorded 2 studio albums which are on the cusp of R&B but more on the soul side. I’m obsessed with his latest song ‘Retrograde’, gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.



I’m going to have to stop here as this is by no means a definitive list!
Happy listening!

Nat’s Spring Summer 13 Wish List

Last month I went to the Harvey Nichols Spring/Summer fashion show at the Saatchi gallery with a friend. She’d been to the event last year and said it was a good evening, so when we got the email about this event we got tickets. The tickets were around £20 each. There was free flowing bubbly and some canapes floating around, but the way the poor catering staff were being ambushed every time they came out with a fresh tray you’d think the people at the event had been starved for a week! We also got a goody bag which had some nice bits in it, but in comparison to last year’s event’s goody bag, most of the budget must have gone on the venue hire.


The atmosphere was really nice and there was a buzz in the gallery as the show started. The pieces that were shown in the show were all very high end designer, but there were a few trends that I picked up on that have given me some inspiration for what to go for to up date my Spring/Summer wardrobe for this year.


Wish list:


White. The first lot of models that came out were all in white outfits that ranged from maxi dresses, to skirts and jackets, to trouser suits. I’m absolutely loving white and nude tones at the moment whether it be in fashion or home decor.


Three piece trouser suit from the H&M Conscious Exclusive collection.


Bright/Neon Colours. The brights and neon trend has been around since last year and I’m loving it. My favourite thing at the moment is neutral make up with a bright lip. So this summer I’m planning on adding pops of colour to neutral outfits. I love this trend because it can be done without breaking the bank, by just buying accessories or shoes, or a bright nail varnish.


Crystal pendant necklace by & Other Stories


Maxi. I’m not the tallest, so it doesn’t always suit me, but I’ve always adored the maxi trend. This year I’ve noticed a lot more pieces in light, floaty fabrics which I think is a lot more flattering on shorter people. At the Harvey Nic’s show they had a couple of pleated maxi pieces which I really liked.


Pleated maxi dress from missguided.co.uk


Lace. I love lace because worn properly I think it can look really elegant and classic. But choose the wrong undergarment and it can look oh so wrong! So if you go for this trend invest in some good undergarments that you’d be proud for people to catch a glimpse of. I’ll definitely be investing in a couple more lace bits for this Summer.


Electric blue lace dress from MANGO


How to get clear skin

I have had mild acne my whole adolescent life. Tried different contraceptive pills to help, oral antibiotics and topical stuff a while ago.




Over the last few years I wasn’t happy with my overall complexion as I always seemed to have raised white bumps across my cheeks. Last summer I broke out in spots big time as the change in season meant I was sweating more than usual.

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Carnival in Salvador 2013 – top 3

I know Nissa recently posted about carnival in Brasil last year, but I can’t lie that I’m still on a bit of a high from carnival this year which was almost two months ago now booo!


So I thought the best way to share a bit of it with you was to share videos of the three most played songs in Salvador this year.


The first song which, I am not exaggerating, must have heard at least once every ten minutes is Ziriguidum by a band called Filhos de Jorge. I heard somewhere that it’s a version of a Columbian song, but don’t quote me on that. What I must warn you though is that this song will get stuck in your head! As soon as the intro to the song started playing everyone in the street would stretch their arm out and start doing the choreography, which is dead easy so even the most rhythmically challenged could join in…enjoy…


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