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Hey lovelies! I literally can’t walk into Boots without buying something! I’ve tried having words with myself about how I don’t need whatever it is I’ve just picked up, but I always manage to convince myself to buy it. There are three things I bought recently which I’ve used every single day since!


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I bought this just before I went to Brazil in February. I don’t like wearing heavy makeup on a daily basis, so I tend to go for tinted moisturisers rather than foundations. When BB creams came on to the market I was so excited to try them. The first one I bought was a Garnier one which I found was a bit too rich for me, so I gave it to my mum who has more dry skin. Back in Boots I did a walk around of the makeup stands and tried the textures and read the labels, and finally settled on the Dream Fresh BB. I chose this one because it has a gel based formula, so is suitable for more combination type skin. While I was in Brazil I put it straight onto my skin and didn’t need to use a suncream on my face as it’s SPF 30! Perfect! Now I’m back in the UK I use it over my moisturiser and it works just as well. It evens out my skin tone, and gives a healthy glow without making my skin look oily. As it doesn’t give complete coverage if I get any spots I just blend some concealer over the top. It glides onto my skin and sinks straight in, and at £7.99 it’s great value for money, love it!


Mac Paint Pot in Painterly 

I have really oily eyelids, and it was starting to get me down. After making the effort of putting eyeshadow on in the mornings, to have it melt into the creases of my eyelids by lunchtime, it was really starting to get to me! Not even eyeliner was staying on!! After watching many a makeup tutorial I have now found the solution! Mac Paint Pot in Painterly! It’s basically a cream eyeshow which is the colour of my eyelids. I know Mac products are a bit more expensive at £14.50, but I highly recommend it. I apply it either with a brush or just with my finger, and then apply eyeshadow over it, or just a slick of black eyeliner if that’s all I feel like wearing that day. I bought it in duty free on the way to Brazil and used it every night during carnival, so it’s been through the ultimate test. After dancing all night and sweating, the couple of nights that I didn’t manage to take my makeup off before bed, (I know, I know, naughty me), I woke up and my eyeshadow was still intact!




Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless

I recently had semi-permanent eyelashes done, and loved the look, and not having to put mascara on every day, but I didn’t love them enough to have them done again. When I had them removed I felt that I had lost a few eyelashes and my natural lashes that were left were weakened. I had a Google for products that help grow eyelashes, and all sorts of expensive serums came up, and this mascara! So I decided to give it a go. As far as mascaras go it’s not my favourite out of all the ones I’ve used, but I do like it for every day wear. It makes my lashes look thicker, and I do feel like my lashes are getting stronger and fuller again. But I’m honestly not sure whether it’s down to natural regrowth or if the special ingredient in this mascara is giving them a boost. If you want to give the Lash Accelerator Endless a go it’s currently got £2 off at £5.99 from Boots.



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