Casual Fridays

So most of what I’m wearing doesn’t belong to me. You must think I’m a massive pikey. Well I’m not. My mum’s a carer and she got given some clothes from one of the old men she was looking after. FYI – HE’S NOT DEAD. So one of the things in the bag was this lovely big jumper.

I just wanted to be cosy and comfortable today, so this jumper fits the bill perfectly. My hair was being a big frizzy shit ball this morning so I’ve tied one of his handkerchiefs round my head to hold it back.

The jeggings are MINE (you’ll be pleased to know) and so are my Superga trainers/pumps whatever you want to call them. Socks belong to my boyfriend who is starting to moan about my ‘borrowing’ haha!

Have a good Friday whatever you get up to! I’m excited about my sofa.







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