Saatchi Gallery: New art from Russia

Hello you. This is me in a toilet. FACT: The average person spends three whole years of their life sitting on the toilet. Pooooo-weeeee!


Topsop top and jacket | Primark dress and necklace | ASOS mittens on a string


I thought I’d be cultural and cultured etc. and go to the Saatchi Gallery on my tod as I had the afternoon off on Friday. This is what I found:


Mr. Mack – Alex Mack’s mum (The Lady, Daniel Bragin)


 Pretty glass blanket (Bedtime Story, Daniel Bragin)


 Mutilated city boy (Criminal Government, Gosha Ostretsov)


“Sex in the City”  Gosha Ostretsov


 A room of liars in pretty colours (Not Sad, Just Sighing; Dasha Shishkin)


Dasha Shishkin


There was also a room filled with lots of shocking photos by Boris Mikhailov documenting the poor and vulnerable in various situations. It was an eye opener into the detrimental aftermath of the Soviet Union.



And there were many many more interesting and wonderful Russian arty things to see in the gallery. You have until the 9th June to check it out LOADS OF TIME! 

P.S. The oil room on the bottom floor (permanent installation) is crazy! I thought I was just looking at an empty room wondering what all the fuss was about…then I read it was filled with oil. EYE FUCK!!


I’m wearing a below the knee skirt. Yes.

Well hello there. Yes yes, this is me in a rather prim and proper below the knee pencil skirt. Suit you sir. I am wearing ALL RED..POW! My feet are dipped in black.







My shirt, skirt, tweed blazer and jewellery are all from CHARITY SHOPS. Cheap and cheerful children.

My boots are from TOPSHOP and my dog is from YORKSHIRE.



This is the Queen. I won’t be Queen one day but I can still dress like one.

Bye for now xx( . )( . )xx

Casual Friday again, hurrah!


Charity shop shirt | American Apparel Side Zipper Pant | Orca Bay boat shoes




American Theme today: I look like a soccer mom from the 80s…”HEEEY babey guuuurl, come and give yo moma some suga, honey pie!!”

It’s that time of week again – TGI Friday friends!! YAAAAY 😀 😀 😀 have a fab time and let this get your weekend started.



Tchau bambinos xx ( . )( . ) xx

Barney wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day

<3  Charity jumper | American Apparel Riding Skirt | Topshop boots <3




Hello one and all. It is Valentine’s day smoochy smoochy time…Ooo lala – voulais vu cu chez avec moi? or summink. If you’ve got no one to smooch, remember Barney loves you. Or better still, smooch your friends. This is what big fat purple Barney teaches us. Word.



Casual Fridays

So most of what I’m wearing doesn’t belong to me. You must think I’m a massive pikey. Well I’m not. My mum’s a carer and she got given some clothes from one of the old men she was looking after. FYI – HE’S NOT DEAD. So one of the things in the bag was this lovely big jumper.

I just wanted to be cosy and comfortable today, so this jumper fits the bill perfectly. My hair was being a big frizzy shit ball this morning so I’ve tied one of his handkerchiefs round my head to hold it back.

The jeggings are MINE (you’ll be pleased to know) and so are my Superga trainers/pumps whatever you want to call them. Socks belong to my boyfriend who is starting to moan about my ‘borrowing’ haha!

Have a good Friday whatever you get up to! I’m excited about my sofa.