Swedish clogs hej hej!

Hej hej (hello)! I was over the moon when I heard H&M were collaborating with Swedish Hasbeens last year. These Swedish clogs are based on models from the 70s with a modern twist, giving them a cute retro look. I was suuuper happy about this because a pair of Swedish Hasbeens will set you back around £100 give or take. I appreciate they are handmade and environmentally friendly – but it’s not friendly to my bank balance!

This collaboration happened during my finals and I was back at home revising. To my dismay I wasn’t able to go to the flagship stores in London and get my hands on a cheap pair. I was gutted. But my great procrastination skills paid off, and I was able to find a couple in England, Lotta and Jonny, that sell similar Swedish clogs for half the price tag compared to Swedish Hasbeens. Whoopie!

They are called Lotta from Stockholm. Just like Swedish Hasbeens, the clogs are handmade with natural wood and soft leather, still ethical and environmentally friendly (refer to this blog post). I went for a red peep toe plait pair The Braids and wore them to death last summer, and doing the same this summer.

They are ruddy brilliant!! I really can’t tell you how much I adore these. I may seem a little over enthusiastic, but these tick every box. The heel is perfect height, they are comfortable, they go with just about everything, they’re pretty unique, and they look adorable. The 70s feel to them complements a lot of my charity shop and retro clothes. From my experience in buying these clogs, if you have quite large long feet (very attractive) like me, you’ll want to go for the peep toe styles as it doesn’t show off too much toe (I have big fat toes too). I bought ‘Highwood Open’ in my correct size as the ones I have are actually a size smaller and my toes were hanging out all over the shop!

  Dress, Topshop

 Dress, H&M

 Silk vest top, Charity Shop | Palazzo Pants, Primark

The great thing about Lotta from Stockholm is that they always have a Sale section which they call ‘Sale, Seconds, Sell-off’. Items that quote:

“It is a mixture of genuine reductions where we need to reduce our stock levels,  clearance stocks bought in especially for the purpose of getting you something a bit cheaper and of course we also offer pairs of seconds that don’t quite meet our high standards as firsts”

I bought both of my pairs from the sale and I haven’t seen any problem with quality. I have literally just bought a pair, ‘Natural Peep Toe’ for £38.00. Standard delivery is FREE!! Shmazing. I have had some lovely comments so far…an excuse to buy some more? Yes, soon.

 T-Shirt, Primark | Belt, H&M | Culottes, Charity Shop

8 thoughts on “Swedish clogs hej hej!”

  1. Hey, I was just wondering how you find the fit on yours? I’ve just bought some tan peep toes (in the style of your natural ones) in a 38. but I’m actually a 38.5 and they’re on the tight side, did your other ones stretch last summer? My friend who bought some a while ago said her’s stretched so I’m not sure whether to send them back for the 39! They look lovely on you by the way! x

    1. Hi Romy,thanks for your kind words!
      About the sizing…do they fit the length of your feet or are your toes hanging over the edge? If the length is OK and it’s just a bit tight around the width I would say keep that size. Only if they hurt a lot around the width I would change to a bigger size. Try and wear them around the house for a bit and see how they feel? I didn’t wear my natural ones enough during the summer to notice a change but my other braided ones in red definitely stretched over time. Especially as they are in a 39 and I am more of a 40/41!
      I recently bought a shoe stretcher from Ebay to help with my other shoes as I have a tendency to buy shoes that are too small for me :-/ If you feel like it would be a good investment to use on your other shoes and future buys I would definitely get one! I got this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WOMENS-LADIES-SHOE-STRETCHERS-SHAPER-BUNION-CORN-BLISTER-WOODEN-SIZE-3-8-/271061531307?pt=UK_Clothing_ShoeCare_Shoe_Care_LE&var=&hash=item3f1c86baab but you can always shop around for others. I’ll check if the shoe stretcher actually fits in the clogs and let you know!
      Hope this helps! x

  2. Aww thank you so much for your help! I have been wearing them around the house when I’ve had time over the last couple of days and think they’ll be ok :) I gave them a call and had a nice chat with jonny -Lotta’s husband, who said the same too. So sweet they’re a husband and wife company. I want to buy another style now! i’ll have a look at that shoe stretcher, thanks xx

  3. Sorry yes they do fit the length -My heel is right on the edge, but my toes aren’t near the end (wide feet)! and they’re tight but not painfully, so I’m thinking hopefully they’ll stretch. Enjoy your clogs x

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